SEMINAR 20th and 21th JULLY 2019

   Seminar Programme 2019

   Information in Portuguese or Spanish - 00 351 918 130 977

   Information in English- 00 351 918 460 383

   Saturday, 20th of Jully, 2019

   Registration: 9h00

  Price: 75€  Note: For non-resident foreigners 50€


   Seminar: Kumi Jo No Karen

   Time: Das 10h00 às 12h00

   Venue: Pavilhão Desportivo Municipal de Gaia


   Lunch: 13h00 (only under invitation)

   Venue: Restaurant Carpa – Vila Nova de Gaia


   Seminar: Kumi Tachi No Karen

   Time: 17:00 to 19h00

   Venue: Pavilhão Desportivo Municipal de Gaia


   Dinner: 21h (Party)

   Venue: Restaurant Carpa – Vila Nova de Gaia

   Price: 25€


   Sunday, 21th of Julho, 2019

   Seminar: Tanken Dori

   Time: 10h00 to 12h00

   Venue: Pavilhão Desportivo Municipal de Gaia



   1 – It is necessary to be 15 minutes before in Seiza waiting for Sensei.

   2 – All lunches and dinners need to be booked and paid in advance (spirits and liqueurs-extra payment).

   3 – The use of Hakama only for Dan students.

   4 – Only the organization is allowed to take photos and films (except for the group photo).


   Useful Information


   Pavilhão Desportivo Municipal de Vila Nova de Gaia

   Almeida Garrett Street

   4430-300 Vila Nova de Gaia  41°07'05.0"N 8°35'35.4"W

   Oliveira do Douro



   Restaurante Carpa 41°07'23.3"N 8°36'20.2" W

   República Avenue 1725-1731

   4430-206 Vila Nova de Gaia

   Tel: 22 379 7129



   Park Hotel 

   Bélgica Street, nº 3172 41°07'35.5"N 8°38'05.9"W

   4400-049 Vila Nova de Gaia

   Telf. 00351220125100  and Email: (for reservations)

   Price: 45€ single or double.




   Katsugen Undo - Introductory course 

On Saturday, July 22nd, from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., an introductory course on Katsugen Undo will take place in Monte da Virgem, Vila Nova de Gaia, addressing the following subjects:

1- Katsugen (Regenerating Movement);
2- Yuki (body communication);
3- Gyoki (focused breathing);
4- Seitai (re-adjustment and individual advice);
5- HVP (head, vertebrae, pelvis);
6- Osei (reactivities);
7- Taiheki (12 different types);
8- Re-balancing of the 3 points in the abdomen;
9- EPT (excessive partial tension);
10- Individual and group practice.

Enrollment is limited, and people that are interested should contact Prof. Humberto Afonso on (00351) 918 130 977.












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